Midnight Project is a design studio focusing on brand identity design, exhibition design, and print collection.

We bring our cultural background into our design principle which makes us have diverse interactions with design thinking. It allows us to design more inclusive experiences that reach broader audiences.

Midnight Project is founded by Weiyun Chen (Winnie) & Supatida Sutiratana (Nut) based in New York City. Founded in 2022.

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The issue of waste management has become a global concern, and the world’s waste production is increasing at an alarming rate. To address this issue, the SUPERTRASH project aims to create awareness about the importance of recycling waste and making trash valuable. The audience will actively participate in the exhibition by bringing in their own pieces of trash or using trash collected by the artist through different industries to create their own unique characters, joining in the creative and fun exploration of sustainability.

Exhibition Design, Brand Design