Midnight Project is a design studio focusing on brand identity design, exhibition design, and print collection.

We bring our cultural background into our design principle which makes us have diverse interactions with design thinking. It allows us to design more inclusive experiences that reach broader audiences.

Midnight Project is founded by Weiyun Chen (Winnie) & Supatida Sutiratana (Nut) based in New York City. Founded in 2022.

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House of Spice

Edition 2, 2022 Winter  

There are very few things that add more flavor to food than spices. Each country has its own unique spices depending on the climate, culture, and even way of life. Many different ingredients go into creating the diverse textures, hues, and thicknesses of a spicy sauce. These sauces can be used as marinades, cooking glazes, and dipping sauces – bringing life to whatever it touches.

Our goal for this zine was to integrate different perspectives and cultures. Despite coming from diverse places, each of us has a passion for spicy food. The spiciness of the sauce elevates the flavor of the dish. We selected eight well-known spicy sauces from Taiwan, the US, Thailand, and Korea.

The cover is created using four different typefaces which represent the different languages and cultures. We used bright and colorful risograph printing to make this zine unique, environmentally friendly, and collectible. We matched the spiciness of each page's layout to the ranking of spiciness of the specific sauce. Along with displaying the prices in each country, we also displayed the various definitions and metrics. In the center of the book we have handwritten the large typeface that signifies "Spicy" in four different languages. And last but not least, all of the sauces are included in the lively pattern design.

︎︎︎Designers: Weiyun, Emily, Supatida & Yoonbee
︎︎︎Illustrator: Emily Roemer @roemerdesigns
Editorial Design